Supercharge your Day
Before wandering in the sun-drenched alleys of Santorini or setting out to explore its breathtaking coastline and lagoon, give your body a flavorful boost. Savor daily a healthy and palatable breakfast handmade with excessive care. Rich in offerings and high in energy, our breakfast is a plentiful mix of fresh, light and well-balanced options packed with the nutrients you need to power up in the morning.

Our morning meals at Maregio are prepared with love and fresh local produce from island-based farms. To make sure we have created for you food choices that combine taste and wellness, we have jazzed up our offerings with a wealth of superfoods that will supercharge your breakfast. 

Overlooking the iconic Santorini caldera, enjoy your breakfast in a stunning setting. Dug into the rock and boasting an arresting Santorini view, this is the ideal spot to start what will be a day to remember!
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